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5 Great Careers in the Boating Industry



5 Great Careers in the Boating Industry

Are you dreaming of a job in the boating industry? Have you always wanted to take to the sea?

If you’re choosing a career, there are many maritime and marine jobs for you to consider. Some of them don’t require vast knowledge of the sea either!

Before you settle for a job that comes along, consider the possibility of your dream job. If you don’t know what your dream job is, keep reading to find out!

1. Boat Captain

If you desire to be the one sailing the seas, become a boat captain. A captain’s license gives you the ability to legally passenger paying customers.

You can start your boat business chartering people from place to place once you have your license. If you decide to set out to colder regions, you’ll also need a course on polar code.

With a few simple items, time spent on the water, and a passed test, you’re all set to charter six people. Of course, that license lasts you five years too!

2. Marine Engineer

Marine engineering is the way to go if you’re more interested in helping boats run. People in this career field install systems and test ships at sea.

They understand the navigational systems and parts of ships. It takes a general four years to complete the gradual course. However, a master’s degree opens up more job prospects.

3. Bosun

A ship’s bosun is under the captain’s orders and oversees the deckhand staff. They help the operations of the boat by…

  • Leading the crew department
  • Cleaning and maintaining the ship
  • Assisting with docking
  • Following captains orders

To become a bosun, you need a few years of experience working on a boat as a deckhand. It helps to have a water sports certification as well.

There is good money to be made in this position. The average salary is between $3,500 and $5,000 a month.

4. Head Chef

One of the most forgotten boating careers is head chef. They cook for passengers, crews, and high-end clients on yachts.

The head chef manages the entire kitchen staff and adheres to quality standards. There are many options for chefs that don’t require a lot of hoops to jump through.

They can work on a touring boat or go the private yacht route. This job is for you if you love the water and have restaurant experience.

5. Boat Detailer

Boat detailers work on the aesthetic upkeep of boats. They clean, polish, and wax ships and yachts.

Just as cars have detailers, boats have detailers. They make the boat look like new again.

It is a physically demanding job, but it pays well. Most boat owners see their boats as investments, so they’re willing to pay handsomely for upkeep.

Get Started in the Boating Industry

Don’t stop looking if you don’t see a boating industry job here that suits you. There are plenty out there that need your passion and skill set.

We’ll help hook you up with the job of your dreams! For more articles like this, continue reading in our news section.