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5 Exterior House Improvements To Add Value To Your Property



5 Exterior House Improvements To Add Value To Your Property

First impressions matter—and this rings true for your home as well. Imagine driving through a neighborhood; a house with a neat front yard and an inviting entrance just catches your eye. That’s curb appeal in action! It’s that magnetic quality making you feel welcomed even before setting foot inside. A spruced-up exterior isn’t just pleasing to the eye; it often hints at an equally well-maintained interior.

But here’s the real kicker—exterior improvements don’t just make your home the talk of the town; they can also significantly boost its value. And if you think that takes boatloads of money, think again! Simple enhancements can go a long way. One smart move is to invest in custom exterior elements.

For instance, companies like Hardie Boys specialize in creating bespoke architectural products that can lend an air of sophistication and timeless elegance to your home. The investment in quality upgrades pays off when your property value climbs.

  • Landscaping Enhancements

Picture your home nestled amongst lush trees and vibrant shrubs—it’s a sight for sore eyes! Trees not only add a splash of green but can also provide shade and reduce energy costs. On the other hand, shrubs can be the perfect addition, lending texture and filling up spaces effortlessly.

Now, for a splash of color. Flowers are like nature’s confetti; they bring joy and liven up space. Intersperse your green with perennial blossoms for year-round cheer. Not to mention, a kitchen garden can be a game-changer. Fresh herbs and veggies—anyone?

But here’s the golden rule—don’t go overboard. Creating a balanced and appealing landscape design is key. Consider the size of your yard, the climate, and the style of your home. The goal is harmony.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and a perfect garden doesn’t maintain itself. Regular maintenance is crucial. Keep the lawn mowed, the bushes trimmed, and the leaves raked. And don’t forget to shower your plants with love (and water).

  • Upgrading The Front Door

The front door is like a handshake; it’s one of the first things people interact with. Select a door that’s not just pretty, but also sturdy and insulating. Experiment with styles, but make sure it complements the character of your home.

Colors can be game-changers. A bright red door could be the perfect dash of excitement, while a classic blue might lend an air of calm and dependability. Take your time picking a hue that reflects your style and works with the exterior color scheme.

And don’t forget the hardware. Door handles, knockers, and even the mailbox should not be afterthoughts. High-quality hardware can elevate the look of your door and, by extension, your entire home. Plus, a solid lock system is essential for security.

  • Updating The Exterior Paint

A new layer of paint can refresh your home’s look instantly. But, pause before you dive in; it’s essential to choose a color scheme that complements your home’s architecture, neighborhood, and natural surroundings.

Fancy a vibrant turquoise? If it clashes with the subtle shades around, it’s wise to rethink. Aim to harmonize with the neighborhood, not contrast sharply.

Investing in high-quality paint is a smart move. It lasts longer, looks more refined, and is often eco-friendly. It saves future repaints.

To hire professionals or DIY? Pros offer expertise, efficiency, and often guarantees. DIY can be budget-friendly and gratifying. If you have the skills and time, go for it. Otherwise, it’s wise to trust the experts.

  • Installing Outdoor Lighting

Let there be light! But not just for looks—outdoor lighting is a hero in disguise when it comes to safety and security. A well-lit home can deter would-be intruders. And when you’re coming home after a long day, proper lighting can save you from taking a tumble on the front steps.

Have an interesting architectural detail? Bathe it in a soft light. Want to make your porch more inviting? A warm, hanging lantern might do the trick. Use lights to guide people’s eyes where you want them to look.

Finally, how about the garden and the walkways? Landscape lighting can give your yard a whimsical feel or a stately elegance, depending on what you choose. Solar-powered lights can line a path, while spotlights can showcase your favorite plants. Experiment and find what tickles your fancy.

  • Installing New Windows

Windows are like the eyes of your home, and it’s essential to make sure they’re not just good-looking but also efficient. Energy-efficient windows are a true boon, especially if you’re living in an area with extreme temperatures. They keep the cold out during winter and the heat at bay during the summer. This not only makes your home more comfortable but can also significantly trim down those energy bills.

But efficiency doesn’t mean compromising on style. Bay windows, for example, add space and flood rooms with light. Stained glass can add an artistic touch. Remember to consider the architectural style of your home and choose windows that enhance it.

Double-hung windows are classic and versatile, while casement windows can provide better ventilation. Picture windows, on the other hand, are fantastic if you have a view to show off. The point is, each type has its own set of benefits, and it’s crucial to choose what meshes with your needs and the character of your home.


These upgrades can significantly amp up the value of your property, sure, but more than that, they can make your home a place that fills you with pride and joy every time you walk through the door. While it’s good to know the trends, it’s equally important to know what sings to your heart and what your home really needs.