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5 Common Rug And Carpet Cleaning Mistakes Every Homeowner Should Avoid



5 Common Rug And Carpet Cleaning Mistakes Every Homeowner Should Avoid

Rugs and carpets in entryways and high-traffic areas do a lot for a home. It’s like the final missing piece in a home that ties the whole space together. Carpets can complete the room as it gives comfortable spaces to step on. They make a home look and feel cozier and help elevate your interior.

However, those benefits come in only when the carpets or rugs are clean. Having dirty, dingy, and outdated ones are not ideal for any home. To avoid premature rug and carpet damage and prolong its life, it’s important to learn the most common carpet cleaning mistakes.  

  1. Not Cleaning Based On The Type Of Carpet You Have 

Clothes come with different care and wash requirements according to the type of fabric. This same principle holds with rugs and carpets, too. It is necessary to differentiate the cleaning method and cleaning agents you use according to your carpet type.  

There are two main types of carpets, those made of natural fiber and those made of synthetic fiber. It’s important to determine your specific type as that will determine the choice of home remedies and cleaning products that work best. 

It’s also for this reason that it pays to give the expert carpet cleaners a ring. They can determine your type, particularly if you have pricier carpets at home. Expert cleaners can also have the right tools to deal with sensitive carpets and rugs so you don’t damage them. 

  1. Rubbing A Spill Vigorously 

It can be tempting to force clean your carpet when a spill happens. Some may rub it clean forcefully to try and take the spills away. It may be effective, but it’s not the best recourse for your carpet. Chances are, you may be damaging it in the process. Scrubbing causes unnecessary fraying of the fibers, causing long-term damage to them. 

The best way is to blot the stain clean immediately after it happens. It means not leaving any room for the stain to settle. It also pays to learn how to clean different types of spills, as no two can be alike. This blog about dealing with animal urine stains on your rugs is another helpful resource.  

  1. Over-Shampooing 

Like any other shampoo, carpet or rug shampoo can be very sweet-smelling. There’s always the tendency for over-shampooing, thinking that the more you put, the cleaner and more sweet-smelling your carpets will be. 

The danger with over-shampooing is that it’s extra difficult to rinse adequately. The build-up of soapy residue can be tough to clean, making your carpet a dirt magnet. 

  1. Not Performing A Test Patch 

Walk through the aisle of hardware stores, and you’re sure to find product after product of all sorts of carpet cleaners. It can be tempting to grab one and assume it’ll automatically work for your carpet. Many homeowners commit this mistake when they want to clean their carpets. 

Before using applying any product on your carpet, however, it’s important to do a test patch. Strong chemical cleaners can damage your carpet, causing discoloration and aging. It happens especially when you have carpets made of sensitive fibers or materials. 

Doing a test patch ensures the cleaner you intend to use is suitable for your carpet. If nothing happens, then you’re good to go with cleaning the whole carpet. 

  1. Not Vacuuming Regularly 

It’s normal for homeowners to stay on top of vacuuming the high-traffic areas of their homes. Carpets in those areas with less foot traffic may receive a different attention level. Failing to vacuum your carpet regularly is another common mistake, thinking there isn’t any dirt or dust on the rug. 

The truth is, even if your carpet looks spotlessly clean, there could still be dirt, germs, and debris trapped in its fabrics. Not cleaning it routinely doesn’t just damage the carpet or rug but also turns it into a health hazard. Imagine staying in a dusty room all because of your carpet. 

A good rule of thumb is to vacuum all your rugs and carpets at least once a week. Put some baking soda in the vacuum container if there’s any foul odor. This trick can help combat the unpleasant smell. 

Final Thoughts 

Unknown to many homeowners, perhaps like yourself, you could’ve already been committing some of the biggest and most common mistakes in carpet and rug cleaning. Among all tips, the most important thing to remember is not to feel compelled like you have to do everything yourself. Some experts are skilled and come complete with sophisticated cleaning tools and equipment. Hire them to your advantage. Giving your rugs and carpets the care they greatly deserve goes beyond regular vacuuming. Expensive or not, those carpets deserve a lot of care.