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5 Common Reasons for Amazon ASIN Suspension and How to Get Reinstated



5 Common Reasons for Amazon ASIN Suspension and How to Get Reinstated

An updated and fully optimized ASIN may boost sales. It builds authority and overall brand recognition. Sellers may increase income by improving ASIN rankings in search results. An ASIN suspension prevents Amazon from selling an item until the issue is resolved.

Account suspension is possible if this isn’t fixed promptly. There are a few prominent reasons that can result in Amazon ASIN suspension. We have elaborated on them below.

Violation of Amazon’s Policies

There are many rules and regulations that Amazon sellers must follow. These might include breaking Amazon’s criteria for its products. It includes its guidelines for protecting intellectual property rights or any of its various additional regulations.

Complaints from Clients

Amazon can disable your ASIN if many customers provide negative feedback about your product or service. This is because Amazon values its customers’ opinions highly. The company strives to improve its website based on their suggestions.

High Incidences of Defective Orders

This covers considerations such as the rate of cancellations, the rate of returns, and the rate of late shipments. If the rate of defective items in your orders is too high, Amazon may suspend your ASIN. Amazon takes such measures to guarantee the timely and safe delivery of customer purchases.

Trademark Infringement

Amazon can suspend your ASIN if you utilize a trademark in your product listings. This is if you do it without first obtaining authorization to do so. This is considered a serious offense and is not taken lightly.

Selling Counterfeit Products

If you sell counterfeit or otherwise not legitimate items, Amazon could disable your ASIN and potentially remove your account altogether.

Ways to Reinstate Amazon ASIN

If Amazon has suspended your ASIN, you may file a formal appeal. First, you must determine the reason for your account suspension. Then, you can take measures to correct the situation. After resolving the issue, you can file a claim to Amazon.

The intuitive design and user-friendly interface of the SellerAppeal platform make it suitable for everyone. They can help in ASIN reinstatement effectively. We created a guide for your convenience to help you understand how to get Amazon ASIN suspension reinstated.

  1. The first step is to write an official letter of ‘Plan of Action.’ You must present an approach once Amazon is ready to consider your case. The Action Plan details can be different. These depend on the situation at hand. But these points should serve as a starting point. Explain the problem, then describe your solution. Specify what steps you will take to prevent this from happening again.
  1. Contact experts if you need assistance understanding your ASIN suspension or writing an appeal letter. Due to their Amazon policy expertise, SellerAppeal prospers here. Amazon ASIN reinstatement at low prices requires a grasp of Amazon’s policies and analytics.
  1. Customer service specialists know how to revive Amazon ASIN. They are well-versed in the various letter templates that Amazon has previously approved. Their expert appeals team can assist you in regaining your restricted Amazon seller account.
  1. Send Amazon your finished Action Plan right away. With their approval, they may reactivate their account. After that point, you may get back to business without any worries.
  1. The appeals letter’s instructions should be strictly followed, including making the necessary changes to your Amazon account. Depending on the root cause of the suspension, you can shift strategy or staff accordingly.

Concluding Note

Many businesses operating in the digital realm have profited from the rise of Amazon. A seller’s ASIN might be removed from Amazon for many violations.

SellerAppeal provides tools and support to lessen monetary risk. Experts craft a distinctive strategy and give direction to help you recover your ASIN. We hope you can use this article to get your Amazon ASIN operational again.