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4 Wheel Parts _ Lift Your Ride To Unleash The Ultimate Off-Road Experience



4 Wheel Parts _ Lift Your Ride To Unleash The Ultimate Off-Road Experience

Is your vehicle ready for the trails? Whether on mud, sand, or rocky ground, you’ll encounter challenges that many stock suspension parts were simply not made to handle. Installing a suspension lift kit is an excellent way to improve your off-road experience and get the most out of your vehicle. 

Upgrade Your Suspension

A lift kit raises and lengthens your vehicle’s suspension system. This also modifies your vehicle itself in two notable ways: increasing its ground clearance and changing its center of gravity. Every lift kit is a little different, but many include springs, brackets, extended control arms, shocks, and the appropriate installation hardware. These components are more durable and handle rough terrain better than most stock suspension parts. As you shop, check out each kit’s specs closely to ensure that it fits your vehicle and includes what you need for your planned upgrade. 

Clear Any Obstacle

Besides making your truck or 4×4 look absolutely wicked, increased ground clearance provides a few added benefits. With extra room between the underbody and the ground, you’re better able to clear trail obstacles: rocks, underbrush, shallow patches of water, and anything else that gets in the way. Because you’re sitting higher up, you have a better view of the terrain ahead so you can avoid the worst obstacles. 

Equip Larger Tires

Now, we’re at the most popular reason off-roaders install suspension lifts: upsized tires. Bigger tires look impressive, but they can also provide added traction and grip due to the increased tire-ground contact. Depending on the terrain, you also have increased control and enhanced handling. With hybrid, mud, rocky, and all-terrain tires available on the market, you have lots of options from which to choose. 

Enjoy a Smoother Ride

Combining a suspension lift with larger tires offers yet another advantage: a smoother ride. The upgraded suspension parts in the kit can contribute a lot to ride quality. The key lies mostly in the shocks and springs included in the kit you select. Pay attention to these specs. You’ll often see performance shocks such as the Icon 2.5 Series IR Coilover as well as on/off-road models like Pro Comp’s Pro X. The additional grip and control that often comes with larger tires enhance ride quality as well. 

Things To Consider Before Upgrading

While truck lifting is one of the most popular off-roading mods, it’s not just a casual upgrade. You’ll need the tools and know-how to properly install your kit if you go the DIY route. If you’re in the beginner stages, professional installation is your best bet. You’ll also want to consider other mods to help your vehicle accommodate a lift kit and larger tires. Your mileage may vary, but you could also need upgrades to your axle, differential, brakes, and steering gearbox. Much of that depends on your vehicle’s specs, tire size, and weight. 

Suspension lifts can help you get more out of your off-road vehicle. By choosing the right kit for your vehicle and the appropriate lift height, you can tweak its performance and equip it for extreme trail conditions.