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4 Small Paint Projects That Will Give Your Home A Face-lift



4 Small Paint Projects That Will Give Your Home A Face-lift

There’s nothing like a fresh lick of paint to give your home a facelift. Dramatically transforming our homes, whether exterior house painting or interior painting, the result is the same. Fresh paint will brighten and freshen anywhere it is applied, breathing new life into your home. You can completely change the atmosphere and mood of a room by using specific colors. Colors to calm, energize and even bring positivity.

The longer we live in our home, the more we tend to ignore blemishes or rooms that begin to look old and tired. Maybe your bathroom tiles have cracked, the kitchen floor may need replacing, or the paint may be peeling in the kitchen. Unless the blemish is large and unsightly, We tend to look past it. It’s not until someone special comes to visit, or you redo another part of your home that you open your eyes and start seeing clearly the flaws and blemishes. Don’t worry it will seem worse than it actually looks! You don’t need to fix every little thing that needs changing. In fact, there are 4 simple fixes that will dramatically improve the look of your house. Interior painting in 4 specific areas will have your home looking refreshed, bright, and full of life.


You pass through your front door several times throughout the day, Has the paint become discolored or faded? Is it the same color it was when first painted? Repainting your front door will instantly transform your home, brightening the exterior and increasing curb appeal.


Take a look at your interior trim, if it hasn’t been recently painted, it’s probably looking grubby. It is probably worse in some rooms compared to others. Repainting your interior trim will Immediately bring freshness and life to your home.


Do you have small children? If so, kneel down and look at the walls from their height. Oh, dear, fingerprints and sticky handprints galore! Repainting the hallway is the best way to clean the walls up. Repainting will bring a sense of brightness and cleanliness to your home.


Bathrooms tend to need repainting more often,  compared to other areas of the house. The moisture, heavy regular use, dust and cleaning chemicals all play a part in aging the paintwork.