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4 Signs You Need a New Roof for Your House



4 Signs You Need a New Roof for Your House

Roof-related damage is responsible for anywhere between 70% and 90% of insured residential catastrophic losses. Your roof is crucial for your home, and if it’s not in good condition, it can cause problems.

Replacing a roof is expensive, but it’s more affordable than fixing the damage caused by a roof failure. But how do you know when a replacement is necessary?

We’re here to talk all about the top signs you need a new roof. Read on to learn more.

1. Obvious Sagging

The first sign that you should start considering replacing a roof is that it’s displaying obvious sagging or drooping.

Sagging is a sign that the support structure that holds the roof up is damaged, likely from moisture. You may notice that the roof feels spongy or bouncy if you put any weight on it.

If this sounds familiar, it’s time to look into “roofing services near me” so you can get it all fixed up.

2. Obvious Exterior Damage

If you can see missing shingles, chips, or cracks on your roof, it may be time to contact a roofing professional from the Roofing Industries like from for an evaluation. It may not be time to replace your roof completely, but you will need someone to fix up your roofing materials so you don’t end up with more damage in the future.

Look around the areas that will be most prone to damage, like around the chimney. If you see any warping, cracking, or other exterior damage, you need to act quickly.

It’s a good idea to do this after any big storm.

3. Leaks and Water Damage

You can see the signs of water damage without even looking directly at your roof. Look at the ceiling on the highest floor in your house (or your attic). If you see signs of mold or mildew, or even just patches of discoloration, it’s a sign that there’s a leak.

Small leaks can turn into large problems. Water damage is incredibly expensive and can cause serious damage to the structure of a home.

4. It’s Old

Even if you think your roof is in good condition, if it’s past its prime, it’s a good idea to have it replaced. In some cases, you can’t even sell a home with a roof that’s too old even if there are no visible problems because it can turn into a hassle quickly.

There are various types of roofs with different lifespans. In general, you can expect your roof to last anywhere between 25 and 50 years. This is such a wide range due to the vast difference in roofing materials.

If you’re unsure, talk to a professional roofer.

Have You Seen Signs You Need a New Roof?

If you’ve noticed any of these signs you need a new roof, it’s time to call a roofing professional! An old or damaged roof can cause serious problems for the rest of your home. Don’t hesitate to get it repaired or replaced. For more helpful articles about home maintenance and more, visit the rest of the site.