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4 Scenarios Where a Cold Therapy Unit Can Help You



4 Scenarios Where a Cold Therapy Unit Can Help You

Cold therapy units, also known as cold therapy or ice therapy machines, are medical devices that apply controlled and targeted cold therapy to help manage mild to chronic pain, reduce inflammation, and speed up the healing process.

The Breg Polar Care Kodiak, in particular, is an especially high-quality unit that offers users significant improvement in treated areas. These devices can be highly effective in a number of different scenarios where cold treatment is beneficial. Let’s take a look at four specific instances where a cold therapy unit might help:

A Post-Surgical Recovery

Following surgery, patients usually experience swelling and pain in the treated area. Cold therapy can help significantly when it comes to the recovery process. These units provide continuous cold therapy, which constricts blood vessels, slowing blood flow to the surgical site and reducing swelling.

Additionally, by keeping the impacted area continually cold, it helps to numb the nerves, thus reducing pain and providing relief without the use of medication.

Various Sports Injuries

Athletes of all levels from recreational to professional can suffer any number of injuries from minor to major. Some of the most common include:

  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Contusions
  • Deep bruises
  • Joint dislocations

Cold therapy is a great treatment for these types of injuries as it controls pain and inflammation, helping athletes to recover more quickly and return to training and competition. By targeting the affected area with isolated precision, these devices deliver consistent, therapeutic cold temperatures for the ideal amount of time.

Managing Chronic Pain

If you suffer from chronic illnesses such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, or any other type of chronic pain issue, a cold therapy unit such as the Breg Polar Care Kodiak can do wonders for reducing inflammation and relieving pain.

This provides a valuable and effective alternative for prescriptions or surgery. And since chronic issues are usually long-term concerns, cold therapy units can help people avoid developing a dependency on pain relievers.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

During the physical therapy and rehabilitation process, cold therapy can be used to assist patients in recovering from surgery or injury. These devices enhance PT/rehab sessions by targeting specific areas with continual cold temperatures. By reducing inflammation and pain, patients are able to participate in their exercises with less pain, resulting in more productive sessions, faster recovery, and improved functionality.

Using the Greg Polar Care Kodiak for Your Therapy

A cold therapy device is a valuable medical treatment with multiple applications for dealing with pain management, inflammation, and for accelerated healing. No matter what type of issue you’re working through, cold therapy can provide significant benefits.

By applying targeted/controlled cold temps to the impacted area, it offers safe and much more effective alternatives to conventional ice packs and medications. If you think cold therapy might be right for you, be sure to first speak with a healthcare provider to learn more. And always remember to follow the proper guidelines, as well as any medical advice while using these devices to ensure safe and effective results.