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4 Makeup Secrets for Stunning Looks



4 Makeup Secrets for Stunning Looks

Many people are afraid to express themselves to the world because they don’t want to be shamed, ridiculed, or made a spectacle of.

There are many ways to show the world who you are without saying a word. A lot of people, both male, and female, use makeup as a way to explore their imagination and get creative. No matter what your experience is with makeup, certain tips will help you get stunning looks.

Read below to discover the best makeup secrets 2023 has to offer and have fun blending!

1. Start with Shadow

One of the best makeup secrets that will save you a lot of frustration is to start with your eyeshadow.

Applying eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara can get messy and mistakes happen. If you don’t want to start over every time you make a smudge or draw a crooked line, wait to apply your foundation. It’s a lot easier to wipe off mistakes and cover them when you hold off on concealer, foundation, and blush.

Another reason you should apply eyeshadow first is in case the makeup comes off of your brush and ends up on your cheeks.

2. Apply Primer

If you have large pores, primers can help diminish their appearance.

Makeup primers can come as lotion, serum, or oil and it goes directly to your skin. You want to buy a brand you trust and test out the primer first since it will cover blemishes and pores. The oils used in the primer help fill the pores, which gives your face a vibrant appearance.

You can hide wrinkles, acne, and pores with a good primer. The best part is that it also provides a canvas that will better absorb your airbrush foundation!

3. Try Airbrush

Have you ever wondered how actors and musicians always look so good on camera?

They aren’t using filters, but instead, airbrush makeup. Airbrushing is a great way to create a smooth appearance and consistent application. Many people recommend this airbrush foundation spray, it’s user-friendly and produces excellent results!

There are plenty of online tutorials and TikTok videos that can walk you through each step of applying airbrush.

4. Upgrade Your Brushes

You don’t have to buy the most luxurious brushes on the market, but you shouldn’t be using damaged ones either.

Damaged bristles can impact the brush’s ability to pick up and apply eyeshadow. The pigments within the makeup must be evenly distributed so you don’t get an unbalanced complexion. Next time you do your makeup, clean your brushes and assess their quality.

With newer bristles, you can apply your contour makeup faster and have fewer mistakes.

Test These Makeup Secrets Today

With social media, people are finding more ways to show off their creativity.

Makeup tutorials and reviews go viral daily and inspire other people to try new things with makeup. If you’re ready to upgrade your looks and increase your confidence, these secrets can get you one step closer.

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