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3 Ways to Improve Security at a Street Festival



3 Ways to Improve Security at a Street Festival

While festivals are generally a great experience for everyone involved, they can sometimes end in disaster. One of the big reasons that a festival might fail is because of poor security. Not only is this bad for the festival, but it could also result in people getting seriously hurt. 

If you want to keep people at your street festival safe, you absolutely need to invest in security. So what do you need to do to run successful street festival security? This article lists three key requirements for your consideration. 

1. Limit Entry

One of the most important aspects of festival security is that you need to limit the number of people that can enter. When there are too many people present at a festival, it can create a lot of safety and security risks. 

For example, people could easily be crushed in crowd surges. As a festival security organizer, it’s your responsibility to establish how many people your festival site can accommodate. Then you need to make sure you never go over that number. 

2. Search People on Entry

Street festival security should also involve searching people when they enter. This ensures people don’t bring things like drugs, weapons, or explosives onto the festival site. 

You can augment searches by security personnel with detection dogs. For example, you might hire bomb sniffing dogs for your event. This makes it much more likely you’ll intercept someone trying to bring explosives into a music festival or art festival. 

The bigger your festival, the more serious you’ll need to be about explosive detection. Sadly, large groups of people are a great target for terrorist groups— it’s your responsibility to make sure people enjoying a day out stay safe. 

3. Designate Responsibility

Finally, you need to make sure your security team is clear about who is responsible for what. Accidents or serious incidents may go unnoticed or undetected if there isn’t a clear division of responsibility. 

This means you need to make sure your security staff has proper training regarding their role. You’ll need to establish responsibilities well before the festival begins. If you fail to properly organize, you may face a disaster on the day. 

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You should also make sure you account for any potential absences. If security staff are sick, you should be able to adjust accordingly. You might have some extra staff on reserve in case a few people don’t show up. 

Have a Safe and Successful Street Festival

If you want to have a safe and successful street festival, you’ll need to plan properly for the security issues you might face. If you put on a festival, you have a responsibility to everyone who attends to make sure the festival site is safe. 

Using these tips, you can secure the festival site effectively and make sure everyone has a good time. if you want to learn more about some other topics related to event management, check out the rest of our blog posts.