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3 Cigar Room Ideas to Include in Your Remodel



3 Cigar Room Ideas to Include in Your Remodel

Cigar rooms are an ideal place to relax for smokers. Not only is winding down healthy, but sometimes it’s nice to have a place you can call your own.

Now ideally, you’d arrange your cigar lounge to accommodate your tastes, but decorating doesn’t come easy to everyone. It can be even harder if you’re working in a small space.

You’ve come to the right place if you need a few cigar room ideas. Read on for three fantastic small cigar room ideas.

Install a Ventilation System

Ok, you want a room where you can smoke the best Nicaraguan cigars you can buy. But you’ll need a ventilation system so you don’t suffocate yourself or others.

Ventilation is especially vitalif you’ve got a small cigar room. The smoke will fill the space more quickly.

Your ventilation system can be as simple as opening a window. However, an open window may not be sufficient to remove smoke and admit fresh air.

You also have to consider the window’s location carefully. Others may get a face full of smoke if it’s near another room or a neighbor’s house. A better solution may be installing an exhaust fan.

This ventilation system would draw the smoke into your ductwork and outside. Fresh air would enter from return ducts connected to your existing HVAC system.

Choose the Right Furnishings and Flooring

A small cigar room doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. It’s not the size that makes a room but the decor.

Just keep in mind your cigar lounge’s purpose. You’re there to smoke. You want fire-retardant furnishings and flooring that won’t burn or smell.

Leather is an excellent choice for seating. It’s masculine, refined, and doesn’t hold scents like cloth chairs. Waterproof outdoor leather furniture will work for an outdoor cigar lounge.

Outdoor and indoor curtains should be easy to clean and fire-retardant. Don’t choose materials that stubbornly hold soot.

As for indoor flooring, vinyl or hardwood are the best options. Vinyl and hardwood don’t absorb smells and won’t burn like carpet.

Using cement or tile in your outdoor cigar room has some complications. Both materials can absorb smells if left unsealed. Make sure you seal cement or tile flooring before using these spaces as a cigar lounge.

Get a Cigar Humidor

One of the ideas we can provide is a way to keep your cigars fresh. A cigar humidor keeps your stogies optimally fresh for your enjoyment. They accomplish this by providing the ideal humidity level for the cigars.

Cigar quality can degrade in two weeks without a humidor. You can purchase humidors in four materials: glass, acrylic, wood, and metal.

There are three main types of humidors:

  • Furniture humidors: these look like (and function as) furniture
  • Walk-in humidors: rooms that maintain perfect humidity for cigars
  • Personal humidors: smaller and store smaller quantities of cigars

A mixed wood humidor qualifies as a personal humidor and is small enough to sit on your desk while storing a few cigars. Cabinet humidors are free-standing and work well for people with a more substantial cigar collection.

Need Cigar Room Ideas?

Hopefully, you picked up a few good cigar room ideas from this article. It doesn’t matter whether you have a large or small cigar room. Make it a space where you can relax, but also remember to make it safe. If you enjoyed this article, check out the rest of our website. There are plenty more informative posts you can read.