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3 Benefits of Having a Professional Headshot



3 Benefits of Having a Professional Headshot

Around 55 percent of first impressions are made based on what we see.

Unconsciously, individuals make judgments about other people based on their appearances. These assessments come from a person’s posture and facial expression.

Professionals use headshots for their LinkedIn profiles as well as for advertisements. With a professional headshot, people can create a bold first impression. They can also boost their self-confidence in public speaking or networking.

If you are considering getting a professional headshot, here are some benefits you may not know.

1. Gives a Good First Impression

Having business headshots is key to a good first impression. A headshot allows people to recognize you and remember you.

It sets positive impressions and expectations for you. A professional headshot creates a strong, memorable impression that is inviting and approachable.

It also helps people remember who you are and your services or skills. In the digital and social media age, having this helps you stand out from the competition and come across as a professional in the field.

With the help of Karen Vaisman Photography, you will get the best headshot and instantly connect with prospective employers, peers, and colleagues.

2. Increases Credibility and Trustworthiness

It is important to portray yourself in the best possible way, and an expertly taken headshot can project the right image. Not only will people view you more favorably, but they will also take you more seriously.

Your headshot can make you stand out from the competition, especially when pitching an idea or concept to a potential client. The image should be warm and approachable, showing a serious attitude.

This conveys the professionalism and trustworthiness you have in your skills. Having a professional headshot helps build the perception of competency, reliability, and integrity that all professionals should portray to the public.

3. Helps To Get Your Brand Noticed

Taking company headshots can help your customers visualize who is behind the brand, which can help to make a connection between your brand and its potential customers. A great headshot will stand out amongst competitors in the same space and make it easier for customers to recognize your brand.

Furthermore, a professional headshot helps to create consistency in how your brand is portrayed across different platforms, online and offline. It helps to show customers that you are taking your business seriously.

It’s an investment that will pay off in the long run because it will help to get your brand noticed.

Benefits of a Professional Headshot

Having a professional headshot can benefit you in many ways.

They help show that you are serious about your career, show your integrity and help build customer trust. They are also great for making a good impression on first contact and sprucing up business cards and websites.

Now is the time to get a professional headshot and be remembered!

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African fashion – fabrics, patterns, and styles to discover



African fashion – fabrics, patterns, and styles to discover

We dedicate this article to African dresses for women, which is highly inspiring. It represents the joy of living in its pure state. Its vibrant colors and the fantasy of its patterns are impressive in their depth and playfulness. Each detail is like a word from a mysterious ancestral language. The long clothes and their movements on the silhouette are a eulogy to femininity, grace, and fecundity. Nothing is left to chance. Each element derives from a ritual passed down from generation to generation, which is typical of a tribe or region. The pictographs tell the stories of the tribes. The fabric of Ghana is similar to silk and rich in colors and shades, which speak to us of corners of paradise. The geometric symbolism of the outfits charms all our senses.

African fashion in Europe: between national identity and urban modernity

Fashion designers are revisiting the clothing styles of Africa, to adapt them to European clothing tastes. The values ​​of the two continents are very different. In Europe, we are rather cautious, as far as colors are concerned. Yes, we like them in principle, but too many colors and too many superimposed patterns are generally scary. Europeans are too concerned about possible faults of taste. African women, on the other hand, breathe the joy of living, with their cheap wholesale clothing in mind-blowing colors and patterns. Their smiles are ingenuous and frank.

By adopting African fashion to the European continent, the materials have become less exuberant and the cuts more classic. Africa has also changed. Many women now live outside traditional villages. So current African fashion seeks to balance tradition and modernity. She seeks to discover the current tendencies in the mores and in the clothing styles of Africa today.

The scarf and the turban

In its origins, it was used to protect women from evil spirits. Tying an African scarf is a beautiful gesture that requires a few tricks. With its bright colors, it highlights the beauty of the female face. It is also an aesthetic way to tame an overly blooming mane and protect yourself against the sun and dust. In African traditions, the headscarf goes with typical clothing – the loincloth, the small loincloth, and the camisole. It allows creation looks of different styles according to its patterns, the way of attaching it, and the type of fabric which is more or less easy to model. The hair may or may not go beyond the scarf. There are wonderful creations in the style of Nefertiti, rolled up in height. Or with the knot at the back. Or by forming a large flower in the front, on the forehead.

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