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3 Approaches to Strengthen Employee Performance Through Fun Rewards



3 Approaches to Strengthen Employee Performance Through Fun Rewards

Fun Rewards

Working in a corporate environment comes with its own set of challenges. But for many, the stability of the corporate world and having a steady income is what’s most important — even if you aren’t 100 percent satisfied in your job.

As many as 40 percent of American workers feel that they aren’t recognized in the workplace. That’s almost half of the workforce. And the reality is that these employees would put in the extra effort if recognition and fun rewards came with the job.

Here are three simple ways that employers can show their team that they’re appreciated.

1. Offer Fun Rewards and Personalize Them

When you serve time in the military, you’re rewarded with military challenge coins for your service. Now, this doesn’t sound like much, but they have a deep, historical value within the military and it’s viewed as a huge honor to receive these coins. But most importantly, it’s the gesture that drives home the meaning of being valued.

The same concept applies in a corporate environment. Employee recognition doesn’t have to be extravagant — most of the time it’s about recognition and the gesture of appreciation. A great way to make your employees feel extra special and valued is to make the rewards fun and personal.

Do some research on your employees’ needs, interests, and goals. If you know that an employee would appreciate food as a reward, gift them a dozen doughnuts. If an employee deserves some time off, reward them with a few days of paid leave.

The rewards don’t have to be over-the-top, but the more fun and personalized they are, the more they’ll be appreciated.

2. Gift Cards or Bonuses Never Fail

While a gift card or monetary bonus can seem like a generic reward to some, it can come in very handy for others. Depending on who the employee is, consider whether the gift of additional money or credit would actually be helpful to them.

For example, an entry-level employee who’s a little more strapped for cash might really appreciate a gift card or monetary bonus. A long-time employee, on the other hand, might appreciate something with a bit more thought behind it.

While gift cards and bonuses never fail to impress, it can feel overly generic if this is the only type of reward you offer your employees. So make sure to mix it up and reserve gift cards and bonuses as just one part of your rewards program.

3. Take Your Team Out

Getting out of the office during work hours is always a major bonus for any employee. A fun and exciting way to reward your team, especially if they’ve collectively met a production goal, is to take them out. Alternatively, you could also organize a team celebration in the office, complete with prize giving and entertainment.

If you prefer to take your team for an outing, you could spoil them with a fancy lunch, you could attend a sporting event together, visit an amusement park, play a round of golf, or even an escape room challenge.

Business Savvy Expertise at Your Fingertips

These are just a few examples of fun rewards that can show employee appreciation. In today’s day and age, almost anything goes, so get creative and personal when brainstorming how to spoil the employees who deserve it.

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