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13 Best Artificial Intelligence Tools for Business in 2023 free and online



13 Best Artificial Intelligence Tools for Business in 2023 free and online

In the modern business world, beating rivals is crucial for achieving success. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an essential source that can significantly enhance efficiency, streamline operations, and boost overall effectiveness. Fortunately, the online realm provides many free and  readily available AI tools like Chat GPT designed especially for businesses. This article showcases a meticulously curated collection of the top 13 AI tools currently accessible in 2023, each offering distinct features and benefits.

Best Artificial Intelligence Tools for Business 2023 

We have provided a comprehensive list of every area where AI may help. This page covers a wide range of AI technologies from several fields of life. Let’s get started!

1= Murf AI

Murf.AI is a famous and remarkable AI voice generator. Murf serves various clientele, including product developers, podcasters, educators, and business leaders. One distinguishing feature of Murf is its voice changer capabilities, allowing users to record without using their text-to-speech voices as voiceovers. This Ai voice generator also provides customized voiceovers regarding pitch, speed, loudness, pauses, emphasis, and pronunciation.

Key Features:

  • An extensive collection with over 100 AI TTS voices in 20 languages.
  • Tone, accents, and other options are available for customization.

2= On4t Text-to-Speech Online 

This ai voice generator is a ground-breaking artificial intelligence program that converts written Text to audio language. systems analyze Text and create genuine and lifelike Text-to-Speech voices by applying powerful algorithms. This innovation is valuable in many businesses since it allows visually impaired people to access printed material through audio. It finds extensive use in producing audiobooks, e-learning courses, voice assistants, navigation systems, and language translation services. With continuous advancements in AI, online Text-to-Speech tools have evolved to be incredibly realistic, blurring the distinction between human and synthesized speech. This development opens new possibilities for seamless human-computer interactions and enhances the user experience.

Key Features:

  • Natural and expressive speech synthesis in different accents.
  • 500+ human voice selections in 140+ languages.
  • Speech styles that can be customized for brand consistency.
  • Compatible with all devices (iOS, Android).

3= Neural Text

Neural Text is an innovative AI writing tool that assists businesses in effortlessly producing top-notch, captivating content. By employing advanced deep learning algorithms, it generates contextually relevant Text that adheres to grammatical rules and captures the subject matter’s essence. Whether crafting blog posts, social media updates, or marketing copies, Neural Text greatly expedites content creation.

Key Features:

  • It has over 50 ready-to-use templates.
  •  It is an AI copywriter, SEO content generator, and keyword research tool.


Businesses may use to easily convert text to voice format and successfully engage with their target audience. Whether articles, blog entries, or newsletters, provides a seamless method for distributing information through spoken material. This tool caters to the demands of visually impaired users and those who prefer to consume material through aural channels.

Key Features:

  • 800+Natural-sounding speech synthesis in over 142 languages.
  • Customize your audio with background music and sound effects.

5= Synthesia

Synthesia revolutionizes video creation by offering an AI-powered platform that streamlines the production of top-notch video content. With the help of AI-generated avatars, businesses can effortlessly craft customized video messages, tutorials, and promotional materials. By slashing video production expenses and time requirements, this text-to-voice generator proves irresistible to resource-constrained enterprises.

6= Fliki

Fliki revolutionizes social media management for businesses by utilizing AI technology. It analyzes user engagement and preferences to provide tailored recommendations on optimal posting times, relevant hashtags, and creative content ideas. With Fliki, businesses can effortlessly streamline their social media marketing efforts and effectively engage with their target audience.

7= Magic Studio

Magic Studio streamlines the process of creating interactive and dynamic presentations, making it easier for businesses to captivate their audiences with visually stunning designs. With its user-friendly interface and AI-powered recommendations, professionals can effortlessly showcase their ideas and leave a lasting impact.

8= Lovo. AI Voice Generator

Experience the transformative power of Lovo AI online Text-to-Speech tool, an innovative voiceover tool driven by artificial intelligence. By seamlessly blending human-like qualities into automated voice recordings, the Lovo AI text-to-voice generator enables businesses to create unparalleled audio content that captivates audiences across various platforms. With 400+ text-to-speech voices in 100 languages and customizable speech styles at your disposal, unlock endless possibilities for engaging commercials, immersive e-learning experiences, and seamless phone systems integration.

9= ChatGPT

OpenAI has created ChatGPT, a cutting-edge language model that can generate text responses resembling a human-like conversation. This technology allows businesses to streamline their customer support processes, provide prompt answers to frequently asked questions, and deliver personalized recommendations. The adaptability and wide range of applications make ChatGPT an indispensable tool for enhancing customer interactions in various industries.

10= Jasper

 In the realm of data-driven decision-making tools, Jasper stands out as an exceptional AI-driven analytics solution. By sifting through massive amounts of data, Jasper unearths intricate trends, patterns, and invaluable insights that would otherwise remain concealed from human eyes. Whether forecasting sales figures, conducting comprehensive market analysis, or even monitoring customer behavior intricately, Jasper empowers businesses with actionable intelligence that propels them toward growth and prosperity.

11= Textio

Textio revolutionizes business communications by harnessing the power of AI. This writing assistant provides instant suggestions and feedback to enhance the clarity and briefness of emails, job postings, and other written materials. By leveraging its predictive capabilities, Textio enables businesses to engage their target audiences effectively and draw in top-notch talent.

12= Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO proves to be an essential AI companion for businesses aiming to boost their online visibility and rankings on search engines. Through its analysis of high-performing content and keyword research, Surfer SEO offers valuable insights to optimize web pages and craft content that aligns with on-page SEO practices. 

13= Grammarly

Grammarly is an AI-powered writing assistant that guarantees excellent and refined written communication. By offering grammar and spelling checks and style and tone suggestions, Grammarly enhances the standard of business writing on multiple platforms. With immediate feedback, Grammarly enables enterprises to maintain professionalism in their written content.

Final Words

Artificial Intelligence has started a complete transformation in how businesses operate and engage with one another. These advanced AI tools provide cutting-edge solutions to streamline operations, enhance communication, and elevate overall productivity levels. By capitalizing on the potential offered by these free online AI tools, organizations can rapidly gain an advantage over their competitors in 2023. Embracing these technologies will enhance efficiency and unlock fresh opportunities for growth and accomplishment.



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