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10 Best Camping And Survival Gift Ideas for Kids 2



10 Best Camping And Survival Gift Ideas for Kids

Camping is an enjoyable way to bond with your kids or to allow them to bond more with their siblings and friends. Not only is camping fun, but it’s also an educational activity where kids learn about the different trees, animals, bugs, birds, and the essential survival skills required to camp outdoors.

If you want to get the best camping and survival gifts for your kids or are trying to instill enthusiasm toward outdoors and nature in them, keep on scrolling to find out the coolest camping and survival gifts you can buy for them.

1.Pop-Up Tent

If your kids don’t already have a pop-up tent, they’re missing out on the true camping fun, building, and spending time inside the tent. Pop-up tents are suitable for children below 10 also as they can be set up in under 30 seconds and need a few pegs to secure it in place. Make sure the tent you’re buying is waterproof, UV light protected, and is lightweight.

2.Cargo Vest And Hat

With the cargo vest and hat, kids will not only look the part but will enjoy camping more as it’ll make them feel like professional campers while looking cute. Cargo vests usually have 4-6 pockets so kids can store valuable items or snacks inside while the hat protects them from the sunrays.

3.Camping Backpacks

Backpacks are always the most useful gifts for young campers, they can store all of their camping essentials in it from their water bottles to camping gear to food and so on. Backpacks come in different designs and colors so choose one with a camouflage pattern or any other camping-friendly style.

4.Fishing Rod

A fishing rod is both the best camping and survival gift for kids. Fishing teaches them the most essential survival skill of finding their food. While it keeps them busy for hours, it also teaches them patience and gives a sense of achievement when they finally catch a fish.

5.Outdoor Adventure Books

Fun and adventurous books are a great outdoor company for kids who love watching outdoor survival shows. These shows are not just fun but help to learn survival techniques and skills, which can come handy when the time comes. You can also get them camping-themed books that feature the names of various plants or animals so they can search for them on their camping trip. Just get them a book light to avoid harming their eyes during the night.

6.LED Lantern And A Flashlight

An LED lantern is required when your kids are inside their tent, whereas a flashlight is necessary to keep them safe and to guide them on their night-time camp-site exploring. Rechargeable lights are preferred for kids, also keep the child’s age in mind when buying a lantern and a flashlight because they shouldn’t be too heavy for them to hold.

7.A Compass

Another essential survival gift would be the compass, which helps the kids to navigate accurately and they just love to operate it. You can get them a field compass for ease of use and for older kids you can get a lensatic military compass.

8.Paracord Bracelet

These are also known as ‘’survival bracelets’’ because they’re useful in emergency situations like trapping food, making a splint, using as a tourniquet, and so on. Get an adjustable and durable paracord bracelet or if your child is inventive, teach them to make their own.

9.Swiss Army Knife

Parents are naturally scared to give knives to their kids, but they are one of the most essential survival items to have. For kids older than 11 the swiss army knife is suitable and the best as it has a large and a small blade, scissors, can opener, toothpick, tweezers, and a nail file.


Not a great survival gift, but kid’s most-loved camping item. A good pair of binoculars will keep them busy for hours birdwatching or sneaking up in their siblings’ business from far away.


The 7 Best Dog Breeds to Travel With



The 7 Best Dog Breeds to Travel With

Whether you are an adventurous person who’s looking for a little company as you travel around the world or someone who simply wants a car companion as you enjoy local days out, you may be thinking about getting a dog. It’s no secret that some breeds will be easier to travel with than others, so let’s take a look at the top 7 that may fit your needs.

7 best dog breeds for travelling

While dogs of all sizes can make great travelling companions, we’ve decided to focus on small dog breeds, as these can be somewhat easier to take along when it comes to transportation, accommodation and more.

1. Dachshund

One of the most attractive things about Dachshunds is that they are friendly, inquisitive and love to learn. While they fit well within structured environments, they enjoy trying new things and can be easily trained. This lends well to travel and as they have long bodies and short legs, they can be taken as carry-ons on planes and won’t be any trouble when you need to transport a manageable crate.

2. Maltese

This toy breed is often the perfect size for travel as they tend to be on the lighter side and they have one of the friendliest dispositions on this list. You and your pup will love the extra attention and an added bonus is that they aren’t prone to shedding and can have little cleanup.

3. Yorkshire Terrier

When you are looking for a dog that will stay close by your side while being happy to socialise, a Yorkshire Terrier could be a great choice. These dogs are not likely to run very far from their owners while being small enough to transport with ease – and you may just find that they love travelling just as much as you do!

4. Pomeranian

As one of the smallest breeds, the Pomeranian can fit almost anywhere and won’t give you too much trouble when travelling, no matter the mode of transport you use. A plus point is that these dogs are extremely popular around the world, so you should find it simple to book a hotel that won’t mind their presence.

5. Russell Terrier

If you decide to choose a Russell Terrier as your travel companion, it may be worthwhile to keep in mind that they are energetic and love to explore, so the more adventurous the holiday, the better suited they will be.

6. Toy poodle

Just like the Maltese, the toy poodle is extra small and barely sheds, so you will be able to take him/her almost anywhere. The good news is that they are very loving and open to adventure while being pretty laid-back, so they’ll have just as much fun in a resort as they will on the open road.

7. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are calm, friendly and easy to train, so you won’t have to worry about keeping them on a tight leash when you travel. They are easily adaptable and won’t typically get overwhelmed.

How to prepare for your trip If you have chosen your preferred breed and are ready to get your holiday started, be sure to pack everything your dog needs, too. From their favourite food to treats and toys, it can be important to cover all your bases as you never know how they will respond until you get on your way. Remember to make frequent stops for exercise and potty breaks to minimise accidents.

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