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Worst Home Security Mistakes That Are Happening All The Time!




Worst Home Security Mistakes That Are Happening All The Time!

In this article, you will discover the four worst home security mistakes that are happening all the time.

Number one worst mistake you could make is thinking that bad guys only come after midnight.

Most people seem to always prepare for a specific break-in. You’re lying in your bed, you’re woken up at 3 A.M. in the morning to the sound of broken glass, so you grab your gun and you are ready to stack bodies.

However, the reality is that most burglaries happen in the middle of the day. The FBI estimates that

65 percent of burglaries happen between 6 A.M. and 6 P.M.

If you have any security device installed in your home, you should not be really worried about the break-in during the middle of the night.

People should worry about the mom and kids who are at home in the middle of the day and they don’t

have that discipline to lock the doors. Door locks aren’t just for nighttime.

When thinking about home security, you’ve got to plan for an attack at any time of day or night.

Mistake number two is not having outer security improvements. That means no security lights, no

alarm systems, no cameras, no hardware fortifications (such as this kit for door reinforcement), no security signs in the driveway or warning that your mutant dog will bite your face off.

The number one rule of home security should be don’t be a target in the first place. Homes without a security system are 300 percent more likely to be broken in.

Get an alarm system, people! You need bad guys to look at your house and say “no thanks, not worth the trouble. I’ll pick someone else.”

Furthermore, if someone does attempt to a break-in, you need as much early warning as possible. You need time. This is really easy to do and accomplished and it doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Mistake number three is don’t advertise that you’re not home. To the criminal mind, certain behaviors cast a bat-signal over your house that says “break into this place.”

It is stuff like leaving trash cans at the end of the driveway longer than your neighbors do or letting

your mail stack up or leaving packages on your porch. All of that is a really bad idea.

Lights are another big issue because if you leave no lights on inside or outside of your house, then you’re inviting criminals. And if you have many lights on inside, they think “a-ha, you’re not home,”  because no one sleeps with all their lights on.

Other behaviors, like letting your grass get too long or leaving cars in your driveway, can also

invite criminals. If you’re going out of town and you usually have a car parked inside the garage, consider putting the car in the driveway while you’re gone.

The fourth home security mistake is thinking about hardware but not inhabits. What good is your alarm system if you don’t turn it on when you leave the house and when you’re going to bed at night.

What good lock on your doors if you don’t use them. What good are your security blinds if you keep them open at night and anyone outside the house can see right in, sitting in the shadows and watching your every move. You are inviting trouble.

So don’t do any of that. You have to have good habits. You have to cultivate a lifestyle of security. It’s

not hard, it’s just making a tiny change here and there, so you and your family never become victims.

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Famous Architectural Wonders to Visit in Morocco




Famous Architectural Wonders to Visit in Morocco

Morocco has some of the best and unique styles of architecture that will leave you speechless. Their designs are so intricate and aesthetically pleasing that you will feel amazed about the creation. These creations denote various Islamic styles and now are gradually becoming famous all over the world.

El Bahia Palace

El Bahia Palace is one of the most visited attractions in Morocco. With the meaning of ‘Brilliant’, this dazzling building was built in the 1800s and showcases the popular designs of the Alaouite, which was immensely famous during that period of time. The Islamic style is expensive and is made with concentrated details. Every tilling, color, carved wooden detail and marble works are a creation of versatility. You will be amazed to see this building and will be aesthetically pleased with its craftsmanship.

Mausoleum Moulay Ismail

Built-in the Saadian era, the structure of this building is so grand and attractive that you will be dumbfounded by the craftsmanship. The lavish rooms and the beautiful details of each wall are the work of a true master. The exteriors of the building are also very beautiful with various fountains and lush green courtyards. This building also contains a mosque; though the non-muslim visitors are not allowed to go inside the mosque, they are allowed to visit and explore the beautiful sights of the building.

Hassan II Mosque

Hasan II Mosque was built to celebrate the 60th birthday of the previous king. This bold, big and ostentatious mosque overhangs the ocean. The best part of this mosque is, unlike other Morocco’s religious sites, this place is open to all and everybody can come and explore the beautiful sights of this mosque. This is actually one of the largest mosques in the world. The height of the mosque is 210m. From both the inside and outside of the Mosque, it reflects great detail and designs of the Moroccan style.

Mosque and University of Al Quaraouiyine

This is believed to be the oldest university in the world and was dated back to the year 859. Here you will be able to see the Andalusian designs very prominently. From the geometrical floral patterns, the ancient Kufic calligraphy, ornate domes, and the gleaming marble, all are the signature style of this ancient building. Initially, this building was just a simple one but gradually it was reconstructed and redesigned and now in the present day, it looks outstanding. The elegant arches, towering columns, and that huge magnificent chandelier denote the golden age of the mosque. In the present day, this mosque is not only a great presentation of the great Moroccan design but also showcases the perfect blend of style carrying all the country’s past.

Mosque of Moulay Idriss

This mosque is a very significant place for the Moroccans. It is considered that Moulay Idriss was the first Arab in Morocco and the founder of the Idrissi Dynasty. Though it is not allowed to enter the mosque, from the outside, you can explore it in every possible way. You will be able to explore the beautiful sights of the mosque which are covered with bright green tiles and text from the Holy Quran. This is a very peaceful place where you will find true solace and will love the ambiance of it.

El Glaoui Palace

The reddish wall and the small windows give a very dramatic look to the place. There is a maze of rooms with various passageways with all kinds of shapes and sizes. The beautiful work of marble, the tiles work and the colors of the walls are very old and will take you to a time far from the present. Though most of the parts are in ruins today they give enough vibe of that rich royal culture that once used to rule the place. From the dining room to the kitchens and the carved wooden ceiling, discover all of them that beam with its past historical glory.

Koutoubia Mosque

Established during the 12h century, the Koutoubia mosque is one of the most important old mosques in Morocco. This is one of the main symbols of Marrakesh. In this mosque too, non-Muslims are not allowed but the main features and attractions are all on the outside of the mosque. The entire building is made with red stone and sets a great example of the architecture of the Almohad period. In fact, it is said that it is the blueprint of Moorish-style architecture in Morocco. The carvings of the tower are so magnificent, the arches and the edges are well crafted and stand alluring to the eyes.

Mohammed V Mausoleum

This is both a tomb and a mosque, where the white marble and the green pyramid-shaped roof make it more alluring and attractive. This mosque was built for Mohammad V and has since been seen as one of the most important mosques in Morocco. Everyone is allowed in the mosque to witness the great craftsmanship of this place. The colorful walls and the decorative ceiling, the granite floors, all are too extravagant and grand to see and you will b left speechless by its intricate beauty. This is a stunning extreme of one of the most famous architectural wonders in Morocco.

Grand Mosque

Located in Chefchaouen, this Grand Mosque is one of the most visited places in Morocco. It stands as one of the most important architectural wonders of this country. This beautiful blue building in the heart of the city enhances the cultural spirit of the country and makes it more attractive. Just looking at this piece of architecture will leave you with many stories to interpret. However, this tower is different than those square figured designs, as the shape of the tower is octagonal.

Ait Benhaddou

This is one of the UNESCO listed building and one of the main tourist spots in Morocco. If you are willing to see the best of the southern desert architecture, then this is a building that you will love to explore. The building is much impressive from the inside than the outside. Islamic design and detail work are very much worth seeing. The layout of this building is a bit haphazard and that’s what makes it more interesting. It will give you the true vibe of authentic Moroccan desert culture. The interesting part of this building is its unique visual appeal.

The Architecture of a place denotes its rich culture and heritage that it has been carrying since its beginning. So it is very important to explore the architectural sites and understand the way of their designs. As a tourist, not only sightseeing but understanding of these detailed works will help you understand the culture closely. You can ask your guide for a private morocco tour to experience the magic of Morocco.

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JamesDJJ opens up about 1 Year




JamesDJJ opens up about 1 Year

After 1 month of the drop of his new song “1 Year”, JamesDJJ is ready to talk and explain the meaning and the backstory of his new song.

Reading the lyrics of 1 Year it might be taught that they were written about someone that the artist loved, like the verses and the sound is actually different from the past songs of James, so the easiest way to find that out is to ask him this in person.

James, can you tell us more about your new song?

I started thinking about this song almost 8 months before the song actually came out and I postponed the release of the single waiting 1 year since an event happened months before I had my mind on the song.

It was March when I first thought to write and record 1 Year, and I did it after I received a message, and wasn’t the kind of message that I get when I need to release a new song, actually the plot of the text was “you’re special to me”.

As I say on the verse “back to the A when I wasn’t showing this strong” I started writing the lyrics of 1 Year on April, as A is referring to April, and yes the song is quite different from the style that I had in the past ones, very similar to Infinity, as the 2 songs are bonded in some kind of ways because I had the same vibes while I was writing and recording the two songs.

I started recording the hook of 1 Year at the end of July, in August I started recording all the song and I had some really long sessions in the studio, sometimes I was recording for more than 12 hours and I didn’t even realize it because it wasn’t hard for me, I loved what I was doing and I felt a lot good bringing the memories back.

You are talking about memories and good times, can you explain that?

Almost 1 Year ago I met someone that was able to inspire me enough to release a song about her, over the year we had some great times together and I think I never loved so much a person before in my life, and I am not such an emotional person, so trust me.  This is why I released a song with this name on it and those lyrics in it.

1 The year was supposed to be released before the actual release date, why?

It was supposed to drop in the 20 of September, and I finished it time ago before that date, in the last weeks I was only changing some small parts of it, not like months before when I changed the entire sound of the song.

The release had been modified because in the last times because I doubted about some things, it is normal to have some bad times in a relationship between a person, and for this, the released date of 1 Year slides from the 20 of September to October.

From your point of view, would you change something about this relationship or do you have something to say to this person?

In 1 year, as I said, I had some wonderful times and looking back at this time I wouldn’t change anything about it, just wish to live it again.

I don’t have anything to tell to no one, as all the things that I needed to say have been said and done, and there are other things that I’m leaving her figure out.

What are you’re favorite lyrics that you wrote in 1 Year?

Actually I wrote almost all the songs alone because it had some themes that someone else couldn’t understand easily, however, I’m not the only writer in the song.

My favorite verses are:

“One year was just like that

Still looking back at what we had”

This verse was the last one I wrote, I changed it when it was passed almost one year from an event,  I was in the studio bringing back to my mind all the good times we had, and so I wrote this verse.

A verse that is very meaningful for me is:

“Remember when I started this with snow Was walking down, then you show”

The first line is referring to the first song I’ve ever released, Snowflake.

The second line is explaining how I met her, I was walking down exhausted and she approached me, this is how 1 Year was born.

Is your new single your favorite song?


1 The year is the song with the strongest meaning that I’ve ever worked on, is the one that required more time to be ready.

When I heard the first version of the song, it touched me so much that I started crying.

However, I did some other songs that I’m still obsessed with, like Snowflake and Infinity.

Snowflake was my first song to be published, not the first that I wrote and recorded, but I miss a lot the time when I was doing it.

Infinity and 1 Year are chained in some ways, I was in the same mood when I wrote both of them and the themes are very similar, maybe Infinity was more commercial and wasn’t always talking about one theme only.

In the end, 1 Year is the favorite song that I did.

Do you plan to release new music or an album?

Well, I’m not planning but I’m working on it, I don’t know if I will release other songs before the album, it might be.

I can’t tell you many things about the new album because I’m still working on it and I will change my mind until the album drops.

I can tell you that 1 Year is not in the album, there are going to be some of my old unreleased songs, there is a release date that I can’t tell now and what is sure is that I like a lot more the new album and than Invictus, my last album.

This is how James clarified some of the questions behind his new song.

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Rosario town Attends 1st Democratic discussion aboard beau Cory Booker: ‘Go, Team!




Rosario town Attends 1st Democratic discussion aboard beau Cory Booker: 'Go, Team!

Tuesday marked the first Democratic debate Rosario Dawson has attended by Cory Booker’s side since she confirmed that they are dating

Sen. Cory agent has girlfriend Rosario Dawson‘s full support in his bid for the U.S. presidency. The role player, 40, was accessible at weekday night’s Democratic discussion in Columbus, Ohio, because the 50-year-old New Jersey legislator spoke for 3 hours concerning topics like women’s fruitful rights, how to guarantee Donald Trump is going to be a one-term president and that specialize in however the candidates spoke to every alternative on stage.

Dawson — UN agency recycled the greenness dress she wore to a Jay and Silent Bob boot screening in la on Mon — shared photos and videos from Tuesday’s event on her Instagram Story, documenting agent sharing his presidential plans with fellow 2020 hopefuls like subunit.

Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Kamala Harris and former Vice President Joe Biden.

New York Post communicator Nikki Schwab shared a photograph on Twitter of the actress’ seat at the event, which read, “RESERVED Rosario town.”

“Closing out the night. Go, team!

” town aforementioned in her final selfie-style video from the evening, panning the camera around to point out a number of the post-debate activity.

RELATED GALLERY: Hollywood Goes to Washington: Celebs UN agency affected Up Romances within the orbit. Dawson’s presence at the event on weekday marked the primary discussion she has attended by Booker’s facet since she confirmed she was chemical analysis the Democratic presidential candidate in March.

(A supply tells individuals she stayed with an agent the complete night, past the talk for the post-debate interviews.)

She antecedently joined agent on his campaign path over the summer, together with at multiple events in American state on the Fourth of Gregorian calendar month, individuals confirmed.

Among the stops was a meet-and-greet in Boulder City.

Dawson — UN agency is best known for her roles in Sin town, Death Proof, Netflix’s Luke Cage and the film adaptation of the Broadway musical Rent — has had only glowing remarks once asked concerning her relationship with the agent.

“He’s a wonderful human being.

It’s smart to pay it to slow along with once we will,” she told TMZ in March once confirming their romance.

“I am simply grateful to be with somebody that I respect and love and admire most UN agency is thus sensible, and kind, and caring and loving.”

Rumors of agent and Dawson’s relationship 1st sparked back in January once they attended a showing of Broadway’s pricey Evan Hansen along, at the side of Dawson’s immature female offspring, Lola, and Booker’s niece.

There, associate degree witness told individuals the 2 were all smiles throughout a meet-and-greet with show star Taylor Trensch.

The actress later sang “I love you, te amo” — Spanish for “I love you” — to Booker in an “impromptu, made-up-on-the-spot” performance.

Dawson has stayed mum on whether or not associate degree engagement might be within the cards, but Booker seemed game in March when Ellen DeGeneres pressed him about the possibility of a White

House wedding — declaring “January 2021” because of the excellent date.

“Would you help preside over the wedding?

” he asked DeGeneres, 61, see if the chat show host would conform to officiate their wedding ceremony.


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