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The importance of good web design for doing business In South Africa




The importance of good web design for doing business In South Africa

Creating the website for our business, is one of the most important decisions for every entrepreneur, because we know that this will be the means to sell our services and products on the Internet, and we know that it is a necessity to make an online presence and that our new page Web should have a fantastic design as it will be our national and international ambassador in South Africa.

 But before we start seeing web design offers for companies you must visit website design Gauteng for more information.

What is the purpose of a company’s website In South Africa?

To answer this question we must be clear about the needs and expectations that we will solve with our website. Do we need an informative site? Are we looking to provide a service? Do we want to sell our products? All of the above? With the answer to these concerns, we will have a clear objective, now we just need:

I want my website to have a seller design 

And this refers not only to fantastic web design but also to the current need to have a website that meets 5 mandatory elements that guarantee a five-star quality web page: 

The five stars

Useful: A selling website will always be informative, even for the same company, a site with a well-detailed database of products and services, a blog with interesting articles, and fresh information and you will see, it will always report many visits and good positions in Google search results.

Usable: The web user always appreciates an easy to understand and intuitive web page, and if we offer quality content, we will have won a recurring and faithful visitor.

Navigable: Offer a good user experience on our website allowing our customers to find just what they need. This is vital and even more important than the design itself, navigability should always be the basis of all good web design.

Desirable: what can, and how can our website offer consumable content to its visitors? What will be our strategy to engage our future customers? Will we make a website attractive and reliable enough?

Credible: Credibility is one of the most important factors of a brand, and that is why we must direct all our efforts to achieve a website as corporate as possible, with security elements such as SSL certificates if we handle sensitive information, with institutional photographs own, with corporate videos, the possibility of downloading our brochure or a virtual magazine with our brochure, corporate emails, presenting our products and services in a clear and selling way; supporting us with everything we can to show the world what our company is about and why they should choose us and not our competitors.


Different web design factors are involved in the way of publishing content, and in turn, influences the way search engines index content.

It can be difficult to understand if you do not have knowledge about SEO and how it is related to web design but put simply, there must be code and SEO compatibility.

The best option will always be to work with a professional who knows how to design a quality web page.


Professional web design is an aspect of digital marketing that is not learned in 3 days. Web designers have extensive experience and spend time improving our art.

When you have a well-designed website, people feel confident and have no doubts when purchasing a service. Good web design means having a thriving business and generating profits.

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How to make money online different ways: start a online business




How to make money online different ways: start a online business

Are you looking for a new job that will give you more money and would love to earn by taking advantage of the variety of options provided by the internet and working from home? Or would you like to make the most of your free time and produce extra income through the Web?

In short, the income options are not lacking, but the money does not appear by magic. In fact, if you run into pages that propose easy money, they may be scams.

Well, as they say, enough of speeches, now I’m going to the point. I assure you, if you spend a few minutes of your precious free time, I will present several clear ideas about the activities on the Web that you could transform into revenue streams, either to start a new business on your own (earn the life) or increase your salary (generate an extra). I wish you lots of luck!

How to make money working online

Maybe you want to know how to make money online products on the internet and leave the routine from 9 to 5 or probably because you want to start a new business on your own taking advantage of the potential that Internet delivers.

In this case, you have many routes that you can take: Sell as an affiliate, open a blog, dropshipping, AdSense advertising and create your own products. Frankly there are quite a few options to choose from. You just have to get involved and try hard. Cheer up!

Sell products as an affiliate

Affiliate marketing is a marketing style in which a company remunerates affiliates for each sale that has originated from the marketing effort they have made.

Possibly, this is the fastest and most economical formula (but not the easiest) to undertake online because it does not demand to create a product. You collect a buyer with a seller and collect a commission for the transaction you recommended.

The affiliate marketing incentive is undeniable; Who could object to passive income?

But for that passive income to occur, there is a list of essential steps you must take before generating your first euros. And these steps are not passive at all.

The good news is that, if you have determined that you are going to make it work and you are predisposed to cultivate and then reap, you will already be focused on triumph.

So what should you do to start?

  • Choose your niche market.
  • Research various affiliate programs and their products.
  • Set up a web blog. Do it in half an hour by guiding you through this tutorial .
  • Produces superb content .
  • Implements SEO techniques .
  • Build an audience.
  • Promote products.

Create your own digital products

For me, creating and selling your own digital products is one of the most attractive ways to make money online. They are infinitely scalable because once you create them, the associated costs are almost zero for each unit you sell.

If you do a good job in promoting them and you get a good position in the organic search results , you can have many new customers at a very low cost.

What is the simplest digital product to sell online?

The brief answer to the question would be what can you do? I would not recommend thinking first about what kind of products are “better” to make money online.

With this form, you should reflect on your own skills and abilities. If you know enough about a subject, you can turn that wisdom into a digital product to sell. Share your talents, knowledge or something you like very much and potentially generate profits in the process.

If making videos is extremely profitable but not easy for you, it is not a good option. If writing is not your thing, choosing to create a course or an e-book will not help you.

All types of products have their own unique advantages. Some are easy to produce, while others require a lot of time and effort.

There are products that can remain marketable and valuable for a long time, while others depreciate rapidly. There are products that are unique and others require maintenance and updates.

Some will be appropriate to buy only once, others monthly and others for annual subscriptions.

Other types can be sold in established markets and others must be distributed and marketed on your own.

The answer to the question would be different for everyone, so it would be appropriate to consider what is the best product for you to sell. Here are some ideas: eBooks, courses, software, videos, photography, music, plugins, themes, documents, templates, graphics, etc.

How to create digital products

  • Choose a profitable niche market. Research your market before creating a digital product. Start with Google Trends and look for topics of interest related to your digital idea. After you put a specific keyword phrase, Google Trends will tell you how popular the phrase has been for a certain period.

Another tool that will help you validate the potential success of a digital product is Google Keyword Planner. With it you can analyze the volume of monthly searches and find out if the calculated competition is high, medium or low for certain phrases or keywords.

If you manage to capture a combination of high demand and more or less low competition, this would indicate that there is a good opportunity to create and sell a digital product that relates to that keyword or phrase, if you have the right strategy and can offer more value than the other options in the market.

  • Create the product. You can do it yourself or pay a professional to believe it. The second option requires less time and effort, but it is more expensive. The idea is to find an expert who knows very well how to create digital products. For this the best way is to hire an independent professional and you find them on platforms such as,, and

High profit margins

The prices of digital products tend to be higher than physical products. The reason is that you don’t have to pay for inventory. This gives you more flexibility to put prices.

The price will depend on the value that people perceive for your product. Most physical products have a cap on perceived value, and most people will not be willing to pay more than a certain amount.

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Meet Sabine Kahwaji: A Lebanese-Canadian Filmmaker From Vancouver, Canada.




Kahwaji has become a go-to concert videographer in Vancouver, Canada. Aside from releasing a highly selected short film back in 2017, the 21yr old continued to utilize her skills in the industry and has worked with some pretty cool artists. Kahwaji has done quite a bit in her startup. Every heard of Tyler Shaw? Kim Petras? Alessia Cara? You name it, she’s filmed for them.

We talked to Sabine recently and had a few questions to ask. Here’s how it went: Do you find it overwhelming filming for well-known artists? 

Initially yes, but as time goes I solely focus on trying to execute the best possible project I can for the artist/management. Of course, there have been times where I get very nervous and feel off game but I’m learning to skip that part and just be myself. But definitely during the post-production process, it hits me and I think “wow I just filmed for him/her.”

Why concerts and artists and the industry?

I would say because of my passion for music videos and music itself. I’ve always had an interest in the music industry since I was a kid and being a music video director is definitely the end goal. I had to find ways to break in instead of just focusing on local acts, and concerts really felt like the right way to do it. I’ve met so many great artists and managers throughout the time that I’ve been filming and continue to build a good name for myself. I guess I knew somehow I wanted to get involved in the industry whether it would be in PR or marketing but with my passion for filmmaking I realized I could utilize those skills instead. I’m hoping I can transition from filming promotional videos to directing music videos instead, but we’ll see how it all pans out!

Your concert videos are one night shows not tours, do you find it hard to make multiple edits from one set?

Surprisingly not, it’s just something I got used to the more concerts I filmed. I took it as fuel to motivate myself instead of stressing over it. I’ve gotten used to running all over the place to get different shots, loads of behind the scenes, and really anything I can get. Especially in situations where you’re not touring with the artist, you have to film what you can get and there’s no redo. I usually end up with about 5 hours of footage then get home and edit 40s cuts and a tour doc. I stay up till 4 am editing to give a quick turnaround but it’s all worth it. Especially when your work is reposted, it feels really great to see positive reactions.

Have you always wanted to be a director?

Yes! I’ve been a film buff about as long as I can remember. I just wanted to see if my love for storytelling and watching films would translate into making them and now it really is. I knew I wanted to be involved in the music industry I just never thought it would actually workout. I still don’t consider myself an “actual director” as
I’m still making my way up the ladder but I’m excited to see what happens!

Any favourite artists you currently worked with?

I would definitely say, Tyler Shaw. He and his team are really welcoming and nice and I’ve gotten to know them which has made things really fun too. I’ve been able to film loads of content for him and it’s been so amazing. I’ve been filming with him since February 2019, so I’ve gotten the hang of how things go, what angles, etc. It’s still nerve-wracking sometimes because I always want to deliver the best of what I can get, but it ultimately turns out pretty good in the end.

What is your next step? Any goals?

My goal is to fully transition from being a music industry editor/videographer to directing and editing big music videos for industry artists. It’s all a process but I’m determined to do what it takes, and so far the hard work has been paying off. I think my next step is a move to Toronto. Although Vancouver is “Hollywood North” the music industry side is very prominent out there. I know quite a few individuals in the workplace there so I feel the transition would be a smooth one.

Finally, would you see yourself creating any short films similar to Seventeen down the road? We found that piece very sentimental. 

Thank you, it really was back then. I don’t think anytime soon as I’m too focused on industry work and shorts are very time consuming. Although that short in particular was a very pivotal moment for me and really the start of everything… I can’t see myself creating a project similar to it. It was really the end of an era, you know? Who knows though, I’ll probably end up making one about my twenties since that’s been much more interesting so far haha. But I have documentaries in the works, I find those much more intriguing and hope to release one in 2020.


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Experience the Romance of Shaving With The Double Edge Razor




Experience the Romance of Shaving With The Double Edge Razor

Long before cartridge razors surfaced, the double edge razor was cleaning men’s facial hair. Those who have and are using it, swear that the double edge razor provides a nicer shave, cost much less as compared to the cartridge blades and are manlier.

Starting with Double Edge Razors

Getting into using a double edge razor is like entering a new world altogether. It is not just the razor itself, but a whole range of accessories that get perched on your bathroom shelf. However, while the accessories help in providing you with a great shave, the most important tool that you need is a good razor. While beginners would benefit from using a double edge safety razor, where the blade height is set; for those with more experience, there are many more factors to consider. Handles of different lengths, the weight of the razor, open comb versus bar razors, different ways of setting the blade, and the overall aggressiveness of the selected razor are all factors that need to be looked into before purchasing your razor. Most of these factors are selected or rejected based on the personal preferences of the buyer.

What makes a Razor Good?

There are no right or wrong, good or bad, and best or worst when it comes to selecting a double edge razor for your whiskers. The selection of your razor will depend on your personal preferences and comfort levels. You can get more information on selecting a razor at Double Edge Razor for Beginners, along with all information on the daily art of shaving. Given below are a few pointers to help you choose a double edge razor and blades to go with it.

Selecting Your Double Edge Razor

Comfort matters: The first thing that matters is how comfortable are you with the razor in your hand. Depending on your hand size and steadiness, the length and weight of the razor will vary. However, a lot of people prefer using a heavier razor that allows them to exert less pressure while shaving and is easier to balance.

Changing blades: While the method of changing blades does not make any difference to the shave quality, it certainly makes a difference to the shaving experience in total. Double edge razors are available in two formats – twist to open and three-piece. The twist to open razor features a knob at the bottom of the handle, which when twisted, opens the blade housing like a butterfly’s wing. The three-piece razor features a blade housing that comes off when you open it to replace the blade.

Selecting the Blade

Unlike cartridge blades that fit selected handles, double edge razor blades fit all types of double edge razors. However, to select a good blade for your razor, you need to select one that is sharp and lasts long.

The Bottom Line

Perhaps the only way of shaving your whiskers that is manlier than with a double edge razor is using a machete, like Crocodile Dundee. So, what are you waiting for – go out there and get your double edge razor pronto?

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