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Learn web development as an absolute beginner




Learn web development as an absolute beginner

Using the internet has been a part of our daily living. From gaining information to almost everything that’s part of our routine, web browsers have been our ultimate source of convenience. But have you wondered the vast dynamics of the web that makes it possible to function that way? In this article, we are going to share with you some aspects of web development that can provide you some understanding of it.

Basic Matters about a Web

The web is the various electronic pages that are possible to be viewed and navigated through the presence of web browsers in the computer that are accessible through the Internet.

Whenever a website is typed in the browser, here’s what happens:

The browser will proceed to the Domain Name Servers (DNS) and starts to find the address of the requested website’s server. 

The browser will send a HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) to the server to seek permission to copy the website to the service of the client or its available device. The exchange of messages between the client and the server (or the computers that stores the web pages and other information) are made through the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), the one that outlines how the data sent should move through the web. 

The server sends a “200 OK” message if the server approves the request. When this happens, you are allowed to see the website. Otherwise, a different response code like “404 Not Found” will be received. 

Portions of the website will be accumulated by the browser into a full web and will be displayed. 

Other Important Components of Web

The dynamics of a website is just like us human beings. Certain parts are needed and essential for their role in the entire web system. Some of these are the following:


Hypertext Markup Language or HTML is the structural content of the web page. 


Cascading Style Sheets serves as the physical attributes of the web page. It is the visual representation of any website. 


The JavaScript or JS is more of the internal structure of the website. It is the one that interacts with other things like the page. It is also in-charge in other functions like constructing requests in the database. 

Web Design and its Importance to the Site

Most of the time, the importance of having a presentable design especially in the process of developing the site is often neglected. Despite the presence of front-end development or those that adjust to the gap in the design and back-end development, it is still essential to learn some things about the areas of web design. 

Visual Design

These pertain to the visible aspects of design like the color, texture, spaces, and topography. These features have the responsibility of creating the website’s branding, and this is essential because this serves as the identity of the website. 

UX Design

It is in-charge in ensuring that the experience and navigation of the website will be enjoyed and maximized by potential users. It ensures the website’s accountability, usability, and stable interactions.

UX Research

Since the users’ needs and preferences are needed to ensure the success of the website, UX Research is in-charge of studying the users and what they want and need to create a website design that can meet their requirements.   

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7 Ways to Get Organic Traffic to Your Blog




7 Ways to Get Organic Traffic to Your Blog

These days, building a blog has become very easy. However, once the website is up and running, the next significant challenge will be how to drive quality traffic to your blog. Organic traffic is one of the best ways you can use to drive quality visitors to your blog. 


When your target audience searches for something and land on your blog, they are most likely to convert into clients or customers. Building this type of traffic takes a great deal of effort and time; however, you can do this effectively with proper optimization and consistent strategy. Let’s take a look at some of the ways to get organic traffic to your blog.


1.     Make your Blog Search Engine Friendly


SEO is all about making sure the search engines understand your content. Make your website more search engine friendly and give them what your target audience needs. There are several aspects of SEO, some of which include On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and On-site SEO. Try to start with On-Site SEO, and ensure your blog is not only indexable but also have essential parts that are crawlable by Google bits.


2.     Target Long-Tail Keywords


Don’t just opt for common keywords in your niche. Use keywords that are more specific to your service or product. Google and other search engines in time will identify your blog as the right place for those subjects, which in turn boost your content in the search rankings, and help your audience find you. Studies show that long-tail keywords drive more results due to less competition and higher relevancy.


3.     Invest in Backlink Strategy


When you produce engaging, high-quality content, other publications, and companies are more likely to link to your blog. Links from reputable sites are one of the factors Google considers for ranking your blog higher than those of your competitors. So, it is crucial to invest in strategies to generate links from high-quality sites.


You can do this in many ways – directory submissions, blog comments, guest blogging, etc. Click here for a few ideas on how to get you started. The critical thing to remember is that Google will likely flag any hacky or automated link building strategies. So, find a genuine way to generate more high-quality links. 


4.     Optimize your blog for mobile and load speed


The days, when online browsing was done exclusively on desktops, are long gone. According to recent statistics, nearly 60 percent of search queries come from mobile devices. And if your blog visitors find it difficult to navigate through your blog, you are telling them to go elsewhere.


Moreover, Google seriously considers mobile-friendliness and load speed as part of their ranking algorithm. So, for these reasons and more, it is important that when building your website, you invest in a reliable web hosting provider that can offer fast loading speed and make sure it is designed to be mobile-friendly. The great news is that Black Friday is coming and there’s going to be a lot of great deals on hosting during this period of the year. So, grab yourself a reputable hosting such as HostGator or BlueHost, and you’re good to go.


5.     Write Consistently


There are no best times and days to publish a blog post. If you are serious about getting organic traffic, try to write consistently. Ideally, the more you write, the better results you get. But this can be quite difficult if you are also running a business. So, try to post content at least once a week.


Google and other search engines prefer blogs that are updated frequently. Moreover, a regularly updated blog keeps your audience coming back for more. They also tend to link your blogs and content.


6.     Get Active on Social Media


Sharing content through social channels are not enough; you also need to participate in the community actively. Social media is one of the best ways to promote your services or product and people are more likely to trust you or your product when their family or friends recommend something to them.


Google understands this, and that is why social media shared content is one of their ranking signals. So, also make sure your content is sharable. 


7.     Study Your Analytics Data


One of the most instrumental sources of data that you can use for just about every area of your website is Google Analytics, from the visitor demographics to your most popular pages. So, monitor your analytics data and use the information to optimize your blog and content strategies. For instance, pay close attention to what pages and posts that are proving the most popular. Also, check your visitor data to see how, when, and the origin of the traffic.

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Ohaus semi-micro balance




ohaus semi-micro balance

Since the beginning, Ohaus has been dedicated to doing one thing and one thing only: creating incredibly accurate, exceedingly innovative, high precision lab balances. The Ohaus Discovery DV215CD is their pinnacle achievement to many weighing experts like ourselves at Precision Weighing Balances. Ohaus DV215CD professional semi micro-analytical balance features a 0.01mg dual-range weighing which automatically selects ultra-fine 0.01 mg resolution in the 0 – 81g range. When you weigh from 81g – 210 grams the readability drops to 0.1mg. The DV215CD dual-range semi-micro balance weighs to five decimal places in grams for the lower range and four decimal places for the upper range.

Ohaus Discovery analytical balances offer high-performance Ohaus semi-micro balance great for professionals in university research, pharmaceutical research and drug discovery, as well as general lab applications. Application modes for Ohaus analytical include density determination, statistics, pipette calibration, percent weighing, parts counting, check to weigh, animal/dynamic weighing, totalization, and finding high point weighing results from a batch. Ohaus analytical balances are optimized with the smartest software which making Ohaus Discovery digital balances reliable and easy-to-use plus it is and backed with a two-year limited manufacturer warranty.

Discovery Scientific Research Balances are equipped with advanced Auto Cal, an automatic internal calibration system using 2 internal weights performing linear calibration to ensure accurate weighing even after temperature changes capable of affecting precision weighing results.

Ohaus analytical balances contain features making it superior over competitive scales in its class. Discovery high precision balances can compensate for vibrations and disturbances you may have in harsh environments. Weigh below hook allow density determination or calculations involving the specific gravity of weighing samples. Up-Front level indicators on the Ohaus Discovery semi microbalance allow you to easily determine if the analytical balance is level, eliminating the need to look behind the analyzing balance during the leveling process.

Discovery lab balances feature metal base and top housing construction, stainless steel pan, glass draft shield doors with sliding top door, replaceable in-use cover. Additional design features include selectable environmental filters, protective in-use cover, integral weigh below hook, easy to use keypad, up-front level indicator, stability indicator, mechanical and software overload/underload protection, AC adapter, user selectable span calibration points, auto tare, user selectable printing options, user selectable communications settings, user-selectable data print options, user-definable project and user ID’s, software reset menu, software lockout menu.

All prices listed online at are the lowest we can offer and for those customer’s not willing to pay the price for the Ohaus DV215C semi-micro laboratory balance all we can offer is an alternative model. We recommend you click on to any of the analytical balance images to the right and compare the features and specifications. The DV215C Ohaus semi-micro Balance is a premium top of the line laboratory semi-micro balance loaded with sophisticated features. Lower cost alternative analytical semi microbalances with internal motorized calibration you might want to review include the A&D GH202 or GR202 lab balances.

The Ohaus Discovery only has a 2-year warranty from Ohaus Corporation while the A&D GH/GR is backed with a 5-year manufacturer warranty from AND Weighing.

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Smart balance with weighing technology




Smart balance with weighing technology

The Intelligent Weighing Technology Scales of the Intelligent-Lab® PD series is a classic. It has a readable, backlit LCD and a 6-volt battery that you can use to move it around. It is a wonderful balance of precision and very easy to use.

  • The very bright LCD screen
  • Capacity: 600 g, 3000 g, and 5000 g. Readability: 0.1 g
  • Measures in g, oz, ct, lb, GN, number,%
  • filter the levels
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Cal Quick ™ One-Button Calibration
  • Roads in balance
  • Adjustable filter levels: Speed ​​up or slow down the weighing process to accommodate environmental conditions.
  • Adjustable zero trackings: allows evaporation applications
  • Counting program: count coins
  • Percentage: you can weigh the label
  • Configurable backlight: saves battery
  • CalQuick ™ One-Touch Calibration: Calibration is simple and ensures the scale is calibrated regularly during use.
  • Large stainless steel bowl: allows easy weighing of large items
  • Bright and illuminated LCD: good readability in all lighting conditions, including in the sun
  • Battery-powered – portability – can be used in multiple locations without using 120 volts
  • Smart Weighing Technology, Inc. is a wholesaler and wholesale value-added distributor for the weighing of products and components. Smart weighing technology provides a full range of high-quality laboratory scales, industrial scales, load cells and weighing accessories for the North American market. His management team has over 65 years of experience in the weighing and measuring industry in the United States and around the world.

Intelligent Weighing Technology is the exclusive distributor of Precise®, Sartorius Miras®2 and UWE products in North America and the Caribbean. We are the exclusive source for all Intelligent-Lab ™, Pure-Sample ™, Intelligent-Industrial ™, Cal-Quick ™, Cal-QR ™, Intelligent-Check ™, Intelligent-Count ™, Fast-Count ™, and intelligent systems -Weigh. ™, Intelligent-Base ™, Intelligent-Scan ™, Titan ™, Intelligent-Lift ™ and Intelligent-Print ™ brand products and processes around the world.

Smart weighing technology, covering an area of ​​8,000 square meters in Camarillo, California, offers an extensive stock of products for faster shipping. But we do not deliver only products. Our specialized employees have checked and calibrated all the scales that leave this building to guarantee you the best product on the market. Smart weighing technology, based on a cornerstone of quality, precision, and service, gives you the equipment you need, just in time.

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